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This 18-year-old CEO in Poland is making the first sign language messaging app for deaf people


Over the weekend, 18-year-old Polish entrepreneur Mateusz Mach went to his high school’s senior prom.
Today, on Monday morning, Mach announced that his app, Five, had raised the equivalent of about $150,000 in funding — no easy feat in Poland, where venture capital cash can be hard to find even for seasoned entrepreneurs.
Five started as a silly app, designed by Mach and developed by a bunch of freelance coders, that lets you and your friends send one another custom hand signs, like the kind rappers throw.
(Mach is a big hip-hop fan — he says his prom was fun, but was disappointed that they didn’t play the new Kanye West single.)
Now, thanks to this cash influx, Mach is turning Five into something seriously useful: “The world’s first messenger for deaf people,” as Mach puts it. And the new, improved Five is coming to the United States this summer, he told Business Insider.
“It will be a proper company,” Mach says.


Wyrazy do zapamiętania

entrepreneur – przedsiębiorca

announced – ogłosił

app – aplikacja

equivalent – równowartość

feat – wyczyn

funding – finansowanie

developed – zbudowane

bunch – grupkę

custom – dostosowane/niestandardowe

disappointed – zawiedzony

seriously – poważnie

useful – użyteczna

deaf – głuchych

improved – ulepszone

Myślicie, że ta aplikacja dla głuchoniemych ma szansę na powodzenie?

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