Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.

Damaging winds strike southern Poland


Zakopane, in southern Poland, has once again suffered damage from a violent wind. Gusts of 105 kilometres an hour were recorded in the town after three days of increasingly strong, southerly winds.


Zakopane, the biggest mountain resort in Europe north of the Alps, is no stranger to wind damage. It suffers from the “Halny”, a local phenomenon, more than once a year.


The Halny is a foehn wind that blows in southern Poland and in Slovakia, on either side of the Tatra mountains. It is a southerly wind on the Polish side of these border mountains; in Slovakia, on the other side of the mountains, it blows as a northerly.


Halny is a local term derived from the word hala, meaning the grassy tundra-like cover typical of the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains. In Poland it blows primarily across the southernmost region of Podhale, but can reach as far north as the city of Krakow.


Słówka warte zapamiętania:

southern – południowe

suffered – ucierpieć

damage – szkody

violent – gwałtowny

wind – wiatr

increasingly – wzrastająco

mountain – góra

is no stranger – nie jest mu obce

phenomenon – fenomen

blows – wieje

border – graniczny

derived – wywodzący się

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He can fix anything! MacGyver reboot of popular ’80s show about a 20-something genius gets pilot order from CBS



The original MacGyver starred Richard Dean Anderson as the guy who could get out of any scrape with just a hairpin and duct tape.


Die-hard fans might be in for a treat now that a reboot of the mid-80s series has been officially greenlighted for a pilot by CBS.


The new series has been totally ‘re-imagined’ and follows ‘a 20-something MacGyver’ with an unusual ability to fix near-disasters using ‘unconventional ways,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The first MacGyver with Anderson in the title role was a hit and ran for seven seasons on CBS, 1985 to 1992.
James Wan of Furious 7 fame is directing and executive producing the pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Słówka warte zapamiętania:

scrape przebrnąć, (dosłowniej wyskrobać)

hairpin spinka do włosów

duct tape taśma klejąca

fans fani

treat uczta, prezent

reboot wznowienie

series serial

unusual nadzwyczajny

ability umiejętność

according według

title tytułowa


Have you wathed MacGyver when you where a kid? What did you like/not like the most in the series?

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Donut-Style Polish Paczki Coming to Midtown for ‘Fat Thursday’


extralargeMIDTOWN — Commuters tired of the usual Dunkin’ Donuts fare can pick up traditional Polish pastries from a food truck in honor of “Fat Thursday” this week.


The Old Traditional Polish Cuisine food truck will serve up pączki — Polish pastries that resemble donuts — to commemorate the last Thursday before the start of Lent.

The truck will be parked on West 52nd Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., or on 47th Street between Park and Lexington avenues if parking issues arise, catering and marketing manager Eva Lokaj said.


From Friday to Tuesday, Feb. 9, the truck will operate out of Midtown between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., and will post its yet-to-be-determined locations on Twitter and Facebook.


“Our food is very unique and hard to find in New York, especially in Manhattan,” Lokaj wrote in an email. “Everything we serve on the truck… is like [what] Grandma used to make.”


In addition to $3 pączki, patrons can pick up grilled Kielbasa, pierogi, pickle salad and pickles.


The truck imports its water, juices, pickles and pickle salads from Poland, Lokaj said.


“We are bringing our custom and heritage to the streets of Manhattan,” she added.


Słówka do zapamiętania

usual – zwykły

traditional – tradycyjny

truck- ciężarówka

Fat – tłuszcz/ tłusty

pastries – ciasta/ciastka/drożdżówki

resemble – przypominają

parked – zaparkowane

avenues – bulwar, aleja

unique – wyjątkowy

especially – specjalnie

In addition – w dodatku, dodatkowo

So how many Polish pączki have you had Today? 🙂


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This 18-year-old CEO in Poland is making the first sign language messaging app for deaf people



Over the weekend, 18-year-old Polish entrepreneur Mateusz Mach went to his high school’s senior prom.
Today, on Monday morning, Mach announced that his app, Five, had raised the equivalent of about $150,000 in funding — no easy feat in Poland, where venture capital cash can be hard to find even for seasoned entrepreneurs.
Five started as a silly app, designed by Mach and developed by a bunch of freelance coders, that lets you and your friends send one another custom hand signs, like the kind rappers throw.
(Mach is a big hip-hop fan — he says his prom was fun, but was disappointed that they didn’t play the new Kanye West single.)
Now, thanks to this cash influx, Mach is turning Five into something seriously useful: “The world’s first messenger for deaf people,” as Mach puts it. And the new, improved Five is coming to the United States this summer, he told Business Insider.
“It will be a proper company,” Mach says.


Wyrazy do zapamiętania

entrepreneur – przedsiębiorca

announced – ogłosił

app – aplikacja

equivalent – równowartość

feat – wyczyn

funding – finansowanie

developed – zbudowane

bunch – grupkę

custom – dostosowane/niestandardowe

disappointed – zawiedzony

seriously – poważnie

useful – użyteczna

deaf – głuchych

improved – ulepszone

Myślicie, że ta aplikacja dla głuchoniemych ma szansę na powodzenie?

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Uwaga : konkurs


Uwaga. Mamy dla Was wyzwanie/konkursik.
Osoby, które będą najbardziej aktywne w nauce słówek z naszej serii ‪#‎CzytajPoAnielsku‬ otrzymają od nas prezenty. 1 miejsce: Wypasiony kubek termiczny, 2 i 3 miejsce: dostęp do naszej platformy premium na 6 miesięcy.


Przez najbliższe 3 tygodnie, 2 razy w tygodniu, będą pojawiały się artykuły na naszym bloku z hashtagami: #CzytajPoAnielsku ‪#‎CzytajIUczSię‬ ‪#‎PrawdziwyAngielski‬


Startujemy od jutra. Bierzemy pod uwagę tworzone w komentarzach zdania przykładowe, ciekawe tłumaczenia wyrazów, fajne sposoby na zapamiętanie (memy), polubienia itd.


lekcja próbna angielskiego

Zapisz się na darmową lekcję próbną


Sprawdz swój poziom!
Dobierzemy Ci kurs
dostosowany do Ciebie