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He can fix anything! MacGyver reboot of popular ’80s show about a 20-something genius gets pilot order from CBS


The original MacGyver starred Richard Dean Anderson as the guy who could get out of any scrape with just a hairpin and duct tape.


Die-hard fans might be in for a treat now that a reboot of the mid-80s series has been officially greenlighted for a pilot by CBS.


The new series has been totally ‚re-imagined’ and follows ‚a 20-something MacGyver’ with an unusual ability to fix near-disasters using ‚unconventional ways,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The first MacGyver with Anderson in the title role was a hit and ran for seven seasons on CBS, 1985 to 1992.
James Wan of Furious 7 fame is directing and executive producing the pilot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Słówka warte zapamiętania:

scrape przebrnąć, (dosłowniej wyskrobać)

hairpin spinka do włosów

duct tape taśma klejąca

fans fani

treat uczta, prezent

reboot wznowienie

series serial

unusual nadzwyczajny

ability umiejętność

according według

title tytułowa


Have you wathed MacGyver when you where a kid? What did you like/not like the most in the series?

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