Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.


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Poziom : Elementary (Podstawowy)

Tekst do filmu:


There is a word, so small and so powerful,…
…that we use all of our lives to make sense of the world.
Why is he up there?
Why is he down there?
Why is that so big?
Why is that so small?
Why are they in such a rush?
Why aren’t they?
It’s such a simple word that unlocks many doors.
Everything deserves a why. The world is a magnificent puzzle.
It is beautiful and cruel,…
frightening and inspiring.
If we don’t ask that, we’ll never find out.
Słówka do zapamiętania:
powerful – potężny, o wielkiej mocy
make sense – zrozumieć
up there – tam na górze
down there – tam na dole
such a rush – w takim pośpiechu
unlocks – otwiera
magnificent – wspaniały
cruel – okrutny, bezlitosny
frightening – przerażający
never find out – nigdy się nie przekonać
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Game of Thrones and Harry Potter stars filming in Kraków





Poziom: Intermediate

Rheon, who is best known for playing psychopath Ramsay Snow in cult show ‘Game of Thrones’, was spotted out and about in Kraków by unsuspecting fans over the weekend, as was Grint, who played the decidedly more savoury character of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise.


Nevertheless, the British production remains cloaked in mystery.


Although Kraków-based casting agency Outside is recruiting extras for the project, the company has declined to give details about the shoot.


‘Game of Thrones’ Polish fan portal has claimed that the production is set in 1907. However, the website noted that it is not clear whether Kraków is supposed to represent another European city in the project.


Bystanders who bumped into Rheon over the weekend commented that the Welsh actor seemed to be greatly enjoying his time in the city, which is Poland’s tourist capital.


Słówka do zapamiętania:

best known – najbardziej znany z

spotted – zauważony

unsuspecting – niczego nie podejrzewającym

decidedly – zdecydowanie

savoury – przyzwoity, porządny

cloaked – zamaskowany

declined – odmówili

claimed – twierdzili

bystanders – widzowie, świadkowie


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Are you excited about the new movie filmed in Krakow? What do you think it’s going to be about?



Zapisy na Kursy Intensywne Wrześniowe


Close up a blue toned calendar pageTrwają zapisy na kursy intensywne wrześniowe. To już ostatnia tura intensywnych kursów 3x w tygodniu.

Polecamy ten kursów również jako rozgrzewkę przez kursami standardowymi od października.



Pesa trams enter service in Wroclaw




MPK Wroclaw’s new fleet of Pesa Twist low-floor LRVs entered passenger service in the Polish city on August 14, when the first three vehicles were introduced on Line 3.

MPK Wroclaw awarded Pesa a contract in December 2015 to supply six three-section bidirectional vehicles, and an option for two additional vehicles was exercised in March, taking the total value of the order to Zlotys 66m ($US 17.5m).

The first vehicles were delivered in June, but alterations were required to platform faces at 15 stations before the fleet could enter service.

The 30m-long standard-gauge LRVs accommodate up to 220 passengers.

Last month MPK Wroclaw placed a Zlotys 23m contract with Modertrans, Poland, for six Moderus Beta partially low-floor trams with an option for a further 16 units. The first of these vehicles will be delivered in December.


Słówka do zapamiętania

fleet – flota

introduced – wprowadzone

awarded – przyznał

supply – zaopatrzyć

delivered – dostarczone

alterations – zmiany

accommodate – zmieścić 

passengers – pasażerów

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What do you think about the new trams in Wrocław? Are they really necessary?



Calais migrant crisis: UK-French centre to fight people smugglers



British police are to work with French officers and the UK Border Force at a new “command and control centre” in Calais, the UK government says.

The centre will target the criminals who try to smuggle migrants into northern France and across the Channel, the Home Office said.


It will be led by two senior officers, one English and one French, who will each report to their own government.


The Home Office said the arrangement would enable greater collaboration.


The new centre is part of a deal between the UK and France to co-operate over the ongoing problem of illegal migration.


The deal will be signed by Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve in Calais later.


The two countries will work together to dismantle smuggling networks and prosecute those responsible, the Home Office said.


Other measures in the deal include extra French policing units, improved fencing around the Eurotunnel entrance and stronger security in the tunnel itself.



Słówka do zapamiętania

criminals – kryminaliści

smuggle – przemycać

led – kierowane

arrangement – porozumienie

collaboration – współpraca

ongoing – trwający

illegal – nielegalny

dismantle – rozbroić, rozłożyć

prosecute – wnieść oskarżenie

units – jednostki

improved – ulepszone

fencing – ogrodzenie


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Want some practise? Try to make sentences with the new vocabulary
Write in the comments below


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playbutton-for-blog Poziom: Upper-Intermedaite

Tekst do filmiku:

– … oh I know. Walder Frey gets all the credit. He never would have risked such an action if he didn’t have certain assurances.
– ..that he got from me…. You disapprove ?
– I’m all for cheating, this is war. But to slaughter them at a wedding..
– Explain to me, why it is more noble to kill 10,000 men in battle than a dozen at a dinner
– Tywin Lanister is rational, cold-bloodedly rational, but rational and he’s a man who has codes and and loyalties to things larger than himself
– I thing Tywin is a string utilitarianism which which is the greatest good for the greatest number and by his version of utilitarianism is the Lanister… greatest good for the Lanister numbers and if he can strengthen the Lannister cause and insure his families continued survival and authority by have a group of Starks murdered at a wedding and Starks bannerman murdered at a wedding why on earth wouldn’t he do that
– from his perspective Tywin ended a war that was gonna cause both sides untold suffering and countless lives.
Those people who – if Twywin had won the hard way – would have been dead anyway, and now te war is done and the kingdom can unite itself under some sort of dictatorial peace under the ruler ship of Tywin Lannister
– A good man does everything in his power to better his family’s position..
– When have you ever done something that wasn’t in your interest bu solely for the benefit of the family
– The day that you were born, I wanted to carry you into the sea and let the waves wash you away. Instead I let you live because you’re a Lanister


Słówka do zapamiętania:
– gets all the credit  – przepisać , zdobyć uznanie za coś
– risk – ryzykować
– certain – pewne, określone
– slaughter – mordować, zarzynać
– loyalties – przywiązanie, lojalność
– strenghten – umocnić
– insure – zapewnić
– untold – niesłychany, niebywały
– countless – niezliczone
– unite – zjednoczyć
– solely – wyłącznie
– benefit – korzyść
– instead – zamiast tego


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Nato treats Poland like a buffer state, says new president


a2123f8f-37da-4a83-898c-b16273ac5d41 (1)

Polish president Andrzej Duda has criticised Nato for treating Poland like a “buffer zone” rather than a fully fledged member facing a resurgent Russia and urged the alliance to place permanent bases in the former Soviet bloc country.


In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Duda, a conservative elected in May, said Nato was failing to implement its stated policies and had not adapted its strategy on its eastern border following Russia’s “imperialist actions” in Ukraine and Georgia.

“We do not want to be the buffer zone. We want to be the real eastern flank of the alliance,” said Mr Duda. “Today, when we look at the dispersion of bases . . . then the borderline is Germany.


“Nato has not yet taken note of the shift . . .  of Poland from the east to the west,” he added. “Nato is supposed to be here to protect the alliance . . .  If Poland and other central European countries constitute the real flank of Nato, then it seems natural to me, a logical conclusion, that bases should be placed in those countries.”



Słówka do zapamiętania:

criticised – krytykował

treating – traktowanie

fledged – pełnoprawny

urged – zachęcać, namawiać

stated – określone

dispersion – rozproszenie, rozlokowanie

constitute – stanowić, tworzyć


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What do you think? Id Poland really a buffer zone for Nato?
Let us know in the comment below and try to use the new vocabulary.



No more LOLs: 50% of Facebook users prefer ‘haha’ to laughing out loud





Poziom: Upper-Intermediate


Still using LOL to express laughter digitally? Ha, that’s so old. According to a new study carried out by Facebook, 51% of us express our laughter on the social network with a simple “haha”.


The US-wide study, entitled The Not-So-Universal Language of Laughter, and conducted in response to a New Yorker article on the subject of “e-laughter”, has collated data on the way de-identified users express mirth. The results are broken down by age, gender and location.


The most common form of e-laughter was found to be haha (or longer variants eg hahaha), followed by emoji and “hehe”. LOL (laugh out loud) accounted for just 1.9% of usage.



Younger users and women are more likely to use an emoji when tickled; men prefer to use hehe (the writer of the New Yorker piece, Sarah Larson, speculates that this might be down to the fact it consists of the pronoun he).


However, while Larson in her piece postulates that hehe is a thing “foisted upon us by youth”, Facebook’s data showed this not to be the case. While the average age of emoji users is slightly lower than fans of haha, users who chose hehe and lol tended to be older.



Słówka do zapamiętania

express – wyrazić

carried out – przeprowadzone, wykonane

entitled – zatytułowane

mirth – radość

accounted for – stanowić, opiewać na sumę

tickled – rozbawiony

speculates – szacuje

down to the fact – być spowodowane przez fakt

tend – mieć tendencję


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How do you communicate laughter?
Let us know in the comment below and try to use the new vocabulary.




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