Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.


Poland’s richest entrepreneur dies



2f65399685bf80b8593625f629b38c1a-800xPoziom: intermediate

Poland lost its richest business man, philanthropist and person strongly associated with the country’s transformation from communism to the market economy on Wednesday (30 July) when Jan Kulczyk died after complications following minor heart surgery.


Kulczyk started on his path to fortune as an intermediary in the privatization of the largest state-owned companies in the 1990s.


Today his energy and infrastructure company has assets on five continents. His personal wealth has been estimated by Forbes at €3.62 billion.


Kulczyk started his business while Poland was still under communist rule, investing money from his father.


His first company Interkulpol imported used agricultural machinery from Germany to Poland. A few years later he became the first authorised Volkswagen dealer and earned his first big money selling 3,000 cars to the security services.


Słówka do zapamiętania:

associate – kojarzyć , łączyć

surgery – operacja

intermediary – pośrednik

assets – majątek, aktywa

estimate – szacować

earn – zarobić


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Should I learn how to do CPR?




Poziom: Intermediate

Locking lips with a stranger at death’s door may not be on your to-do list. But new research in the Journal of the American Medicinal Assocation (Jama) shows that anyone who has a cardiac arrest has a better chance of survival if a bystander immediately tries to resuscitate them. The good news is that the mouth-to-mouth bit of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is no longer essential – you can save a life by performing chest compressions that push blood round the body again.

Inconveniently, most people’s hearts don’t wait to get into hospital before they arrest. While bystanders wait for someone to shout, “Let me through I’m a doctor!”, the person’s chances of survival fall by 10% a minute. The British Heart Foundation says that only one in 10 people who have a cardiac arrest outside hospital will survive. Those who do make it risk brain injury through oxygen deprivation.


Słówka do zapamiętania:

Locking lips – złączyć usta np: do pocałunku.
If you want to lock lips with your date you might as well be straightforward and just ask if you can kiss him or her.

to-do list – lista zdań do zrobienia

research – badania

better chance – większa szansa

survival – przeżycie, przetrwanie

bystander – naoczny świadek, widz

essential – niezbędne, kluczowe

make it – przetrwać

injury – uraz, uszkodzenie

deprivation – pozbawienie, utrata


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First full Spectre trailer sets social media abuzz


Social media is abuzz after the release of first full-length trailer for the 24th official James Bond film, Spectre.

The two-and-a-half minute promo has classic Bond hallmarks: car chases, explosions, love-interests and shady underworld organisations.

BBC Entertainment reporter Tim Masters picked out some highlights, and reports that one particular shot has really got fans on Twitter excited.


Słówka do zapamiętania:

release – wypuszczać, wydawać

car chase – pościg samochodowy

underworld – podziemie, świat przestępczy

pick – wybrać

highlights – kluczowe momenty

particular – w szczególności, zwłaszcza


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Game Of Thrones Season 6 According To Emilia Clarke: Mental, Shocking, And Epic



Poziom: upper-intermediate


Game of Thrones, HBO’s epic series, is at it again as the show bagged 24 nominations for the 2015 Primetime Emmy awards. This brings network’s total number of Emmy nods for this year to a whopping 126 nominations.


The show easily surpassed its earlier record of 19 nominations in a single year with its 2015 tally, which includes Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for David Nutter and Jeremy Podeswa, Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for Diana Rigg, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Peter Dinklage and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke.




Słówka do zapamiętania:

Epic  – bardzo imponujący, epiczny

Bag – zdobyć coś, zabrać zanim ktoś inny to weźmie

Nod – nominacja

Whopping – ogromny, wielki, ogromna ilość

Surpass – przekraczać, przewyższyć, przeganiać

Outstanding – wybitny, znakomity


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