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Pesa trams enter service in Wroclaw



MPK Wroclaw’s new fleet of Pesa Twist low-floor LRVs entered passenger service in the Polish city on August 14, when the first three vehicles were introduced on Line 3.

MPK Wroclaw awarded Pesa a contract in December 2015 to supply six three-section bidirectional vehicles, and an option for two additional vehicles was exercised in March, taking the total value of the order to Zlotys 66m ($US 17.5m).

The first vehicles were delivered in June, but alterations were required to platform faces at 15 stations before the fleet could enter service.

The 30m-long standard-gauge LRVs accommodate up to 220 passengers.

Last month MPK Wroclaw placed a Zlotys 23m contract with Modertrans, Poland, for six Moderus Beta partially low-floor trams with an option for a further 16 units. The first of these vehicles will be delivered in December.


Słówka do zapamiętania

fleet – flota

introduced – wprowadzone

awarded – przyznał

supply – zaopatrzyć

delivered – dostarczone

alterations – zmiany

accommodate – zmieścić 

passengers – pasażerów

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What do you think about the new trams in Wrocław? Are they really necessary?


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