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Giant Minion stops traffic in Dublin



Poziom: Intermediate

Massive yellow inflatable breaks loose from fairground to land on a busy road before being let down by police and passers-by.


A 12 metre (40ft) Minion caused traffic chaos in Dublin after it escaped from a nearby fairground and landed on a busy road.


The Gardai – the Irish police – were called to the Santry area of Dublin at 3pm on Monday. With the help of passers-by they managed to let the air out of the yellow inflatable, a promotional character from the film Minions which began life in the hit animation Despicable Me.


Erin Van Londen, who witnessed the incident and alerted the police, said she pulled out of the traffic queue to be at a safe distance from the inflatable.


“We were driving down to the shopping centre and we saw the giant balloon coming towards us,” Erin told the Irish Independent.


“I had seen it yesterday in the carnival when we were driving down and I’d said to my boyfriend, ‘There is an absolutely huge inflatable Minion in there.’ So today when we saw it, we thought ‘Oh wait, it must have toppled over.’”


Słówka do zapamiętania:

inflatable – coś co może być nadmuchane (w powyższym kontekście jako rzeczownik)

let down – spuszczać powietrze

caused – spowodować

manage – zdołać, radzić sobie

witnessed – być świadkiem, widzieć

towards us – w nasza stronę

absolutely – absolutnie, zupełnie

toppled over – przewrócić się


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