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famous monument in England.

Damaging winds strike southern Poland

Zakopane, in southern Poland, has once again suffered damage from a violent wind. Gusts of 105 kilometres an hour were recorded in the town after three days of increasingly strong, southerly winds.


Zakopane, the biggest mountain resort in Europe north of the Alps, is no stranger to wind damage. It suffers from the „Halny”, a local phenomenon, more than once a year.


The Halny is a foehn wind that blows in southern Poland and in Slovakia, on either side of the Tatra mountains. It is a southerly wind on the Polish side of these border mountains; in Slovakia, on the other side of the mountains, it blows as a northerly.


Halny is a local term derived from the word hala, meaning the grassy tundra-like cover typical of the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains. In Poland it blows primarily across the southernmost region of Podhale, but can reach as far north as the city of Krakow.


Słówka warte zapamiętania:

southern – południowe

suffered – ucierpieć

damage – szkody

violent – gwałtowny

wind – wiatr

increasingly – wzrastająco

mountain – góra

is no stranger – nie jest mu obce

phenomenon – fenomen

blows – wieje

border – graniczny

derived – wywodzący się

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