Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.


Calais migrant crisis: UK-French centre to fight people smugglers


British police are to work with French officers and the UK Border Force at a new “command and control centre” in Calais, the UK government says.

The centre will target the criminals who try to smuggle migrants into northern France and across the Channel, the Home Office said.


It will be led by two senior officers, one English and one French, who will each report to their own government.


The Home Office said the arrangement would enable greater collaboration.


The new centre is part of a deal between the UK and France to co-operate over the ongoing problem of illegal migration.


The deal will be signed by Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve in Calais later.


The two countries will work together to dismantle smuggling networks and prosecute those responsible, the Home Office said.


Other measures in the deal include extra French policing units, improved fencing around the Eurotunnel entrance and stronger security in the tunnel itself.



Słówka do zapamiętania

criminals – kryminaliści

smuggle – przemycać

led – kierowane

arrangement – porozumienie

collaboration – współpraca

ongoing – trwający

illegal – nielegalny

dismantle – rozbroić, rozłożyć

prosecute – wnieść oskarżenie

units – jednostki

improved – ulepszone

fencing – ogrodzenie


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