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Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.

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Calais migrant crisis: UK-French centre to fight people smugglers

  British police are to work with French officers and the UK Border Force at a new „command and control centre” in Calais, the UK government says. The centre will target the criminals who try to smuggle migrants into northern
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Obejrzy to i naucz się fajnych słówek – Game of Thrones: Season 3 – Inside Episode 10 (HBO)

   Poziom: Upper-Intermedaite Tekst do filmiku: – … oh I know. Walder Frey gets all the credit. He never would have risked such an action if he didn’t have certain assurances. – ..that he got from me…. You disapprove ? – I’m all for cheating,
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Nato treats Poland like a buffer state, says new president

  Polish president Andrzej Duda has criticised Nato for treating Poland like a “buffer zone” rather than a fully fledged member facing a resurgent Russia and urged the alliance to place permanent bases in the former Soviet bloc country.  
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No more LOLs: 50% of Facebook users prefer ‚haha’ to laughing out loud

    Poziom: Upper-Intermediate   Still using LOL to express laughter digitally? Ha, that’s so old. According to a new study carried out by Facebook, 51% of us express our laughter on the social network with a simple “haha”.  

Saving Amy Winehouse

  Poziom: Upper-Intermediate There’s a misconception about Amy Winehouse—that she was nothing more than a hopeless drug addict who was beyond help, her premature death at 27 somehow inevitable.   Her exaggerated beehive and smeared eyeliner always scream destruction rather

Giant Minion stops traffic in Dublin

  Poziom: Intermediate Massive yellow inflatable breaks loose from fairground to land on a busy road before being let down by police and passers-by.   A 12 metre (40ft) Minion caused traffic chaos in Dublin after it escaped from a nearby fairground and landed on a busy road.   The Gardai – the Irish police […]

Greece news live: Shares suffer worst ever one-day fall as stock market opens for the first time

  A big day for Greek banks   Hello and welcome to today’s live coverage of events in Greece.This morning will see the resumption of trading in Greek stocks for the first time since the markets were shut under capital controls on June 28.   Banks are set to bear the brunt of the sell-off […]

Poland’s richest entrepreneur dies

  Poziom: intermediate Poland lost its richest business man, philanthropist and person strongly associated with the country’s transformation from communism to the market economy on Wednesday (30 July) when Jan Kulczyk died after complications following minor heart surgery.   Kulczyk started on his path to fortune as an intermediary in the privatization of the largest […]
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