Tower ______ is the most
famous monument in England.


Live Curious – from National Geographic


Poziom : Elementary (Podstawowy)

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There is a word, so small and so powerful,…
…that we use all of our lives to make sense of the world.
Why is he up there?
Why is he down there?
Why is that so big?
Why is that so small?
Why are they in such a rush?
Why aren’t they?
It’s such a simple word that unlocks many doors.
Everything deserves a why. The world is a magnificent puzzle.
It is beautiful and cruel,…
frightening and inspiring.
If we don’t ask that, we’ll never find out.
Słówka do zapamiętania:
powerful – potężny, o wielkiej mocy
make sense – zrozumieć
up there – tam na górze
down there – tam na dole
such a rush – w takim pośpiechu
unlocks – otwiera
magnificent – wspaniały
cruel – okrutny, bezlitosny
frightening – przerażający
never find out – nigdy się nie przekonać
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